“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.”

Date: 04 January 2019 to 27 January 2019
Not everything is doable by ‘others’, society has to add value. “We strive to make society active on cleanliness front” with this thought our school participated in a unique and healthy competitive Swachhta Drive organized by CATCH foundation in association with AMC and ONGC among societies to clinch the title of “SMART SOCIETY.” Around 180 Housing Societies along with 10 Schools registered and participated in this whole program which was divided into three phases.

 On 4th January 2019, an inspection was done by the members of CATCH Foundation and AMC members. They inspected the washrooms, canteen area and the school campus where each Society and school was rated on the following points.
  • Segregation at source (House/Society) - 40 Points
  • Safai Kamdar Facility – 10 Points
  • Common and Hygienic Toilet Facility – 10 Points
  • Common Dustbin Facility – 10 Points
  • Signage related to Swachhta awareness – 10 Points
  • Any previous participation in CATCH activity – 5 Points
  • % Green coverage per number of house – 2.5 Points for each 50% green coverage
PHASE - 2 
 In second phase on 19th January 2019 an Inter House Drawing Competition for the students of classes VI, VII and VIII was conducted by our school in the school campus on the topic ‘Swachhta.’ The aim of organizing this competition was to register a record in THE INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS as well as mass participation of students involving in the Swachhta drive by spreading the awareness of cleanliness is next to godliness. This competition was a unique platform for students to exhibit their creativity and they made a painting of 251 feet long on canvas. Around 250 students of our school participated enthusiastically and each one of them created a master piece.

 On 13th January 2019, selected students of classes VI, VII and VIII participated in Green Walk conducted at Motera Sabzi Mandi. There were ten schools who participated in this event. Each school was allotted one tree. Students started with worship and they did aarti to their allotted tree which showed the spiritual importance of nature.  They also enjoyed Zumba dance and one minute game which was hosted by RJ Dhwanit from FM Radio.

On 20th January 2019, Prabhat Feri was conducted. Selected students of classes VI, VII and VIII of our school participated in this event. They made a model of Pirana using dry waste and slogans related to save nature were pasted on it. Around forty students participated in this Prabhat Feri and walked with the model of Pirana which was placed on a tractor. This event was organized on New C.G Road. After enjoying power garba and nukkad natak students took an oath of conveying at least five people to segregate the waste so that we can have a “Clean India, Green India.”

On 27th January 2019, a Debate Competition was conducted. Selected students of class VI, VII, VIII IX, X and XI of our school participated in this event at the Lawns of AUDA Gardens, Motera. The main topic of the Debate was based on Effects and Results of Swachhta launched and ways to improve further. Students participated actively and put their views very smartly on the following topics:
Group A: Effect and Result of Swachh Bharat Mission.
Group B: Solutions to Make Result Oriented and Effective.
This Debate Competition was the last event of ‘Swachhta Sangram for Society’ but not the least. Students of our school were highly appreciated and it was covered LIVE on Facebook and other Social Media as well. Head Mistress Ms. Manju Dabi attended the event and motivated the students.

These highly enriching and successful events of all three phases were organized to lead actionable agenda for increased commitment by students of our school for Swachhta. It demonstrated the willingness to come together and work collectively for Swachh Bharat.

It takes efforts to win a game but it takes courage to win a heart."

In order to promote healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, CSR Team of Delhi Public School, Gandhinagar organised a Sports Fest for underprivileged children from the slum area of Gandhinagar Sector - 13, on 24 January 2019. Team CSR shouldered the Sports Fest to help children to grow into responsible and contributing members of the society.
The Fest was attended by total 30 children viz. 15 girls and 15 boys. The Fest consisted of a variety of games including Tug of War, Sack Race and Lemon & Spoon. The children participated enthusiastically in all the events. They were able to showcase their talent and love towards sports through this platform. As a token of love and remembrance, the children were gifted with a Badminton kit. They were served with some snacks to revitalise themselves after the sports events.
The Fest was successful in instilling the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle which undoubtedly motivated and encouraged the children to follow their dreams. Also they put forward their wish to participate in such events in the coming years.
“The eyes are the mirror of the soul.”
An eye check-up programme for drivers, housekeeping, admin staff and teaching staff was set up by Contocare eye hospital in the school premises on 22 December 2018, Saturday. Contocare Eye Hospital which has around 24 Multi-speciality hospitals all over in India, provided its complementary service for the DPSG staff. The programme witnessed enthusiastic participation from all the departments. The programme was of great help as some of them had never been to any formal eye specialist. The overall objectives of the Eye check-up programme were to prevent severe eye disease, early diagnosis treatment of cataract and follow up of complicated eye disease.
Blood Donation Camp was organised by CSR Team of Delhi Public School Gandhinagar in association with Green Cross, on 22 December 2018, Saturday. A team of expert doctors and other staff supervised the donation process in the Pre-primary area of the school premises. The camp commenced with the initiative of Principal, Mr Atanu Rath as the first donor from the school, followed by many staff members for this noble cause. There was an overwhelming response from the parents as well. The donors were given refreshments in order to invigorate themselves. A certificate of appreciation and a stationery pouch were given to each donor as a token of gratitude. Total 45 units of blood were collected at the end of the camp.

Objective of Blood Donation Camp was:
  • To create awareness and motivate people for Blood Donation.
  • To aid anyone in case of requirement of blood.
  • To end the concept of replacement donation by ensuring continuous supply of blood through Voluntary Blood Donation in Blood Banks.
  • To explain the importance of blood donation to students.
“The Most Terrible Poverty Is Loneliness
And feeling of being unloved”

There are several orphanages in Gandhinagar that helps homeless children. These homes provide shelter and all facilities to these children who left helpless and unloved at this age. To show our gesture of love and affection to them a visit to Jeevan Tirth trust was organized by the members of team CSR along with a group of selected students from VIII standard to provide them companionship. 

To make them happy the students of VIII standard performed a group dance, group song and played songs on musical instruments. They all enjoyed the song and dance very much and the children’s of this trust too recited Hindi rhymes and performed dance.

To spread the joy among them the team CSR conducted the gathering by distributing the packets of biscuit, chips and chocolates which were collected from the teaching staff of DPS family. The visit left a deep impact on students. They were more sensitive than what they were when they arrived; sensitive towards their parents and family. Students learnt that they should be happy with what they have and as they are blessed they should always contribute some amount towards these unloved and underprivileged children. They learnt to value things. The children at the Jeevan Tirth trust had motivated us all with their hankering hearts and unwavering hopes.

Title:  CSR Activity [NGOs Stall]
Date: 6th, 12th, 13th October 2018
Venue: Atrium Primary Wing
Class:  Pre-Nursery to VIII

“She will rise with a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, She will rise”

About the Event
We at DPSG believe in giving as nobody is responsible for their predicament.  The CSR team expressed its feeling towards women empowerment, by assisting the underprivileged women, with providing a platform to showcase their handmade products in the school premises on 6th, 12th and 13th of October 2018. These are the ones who are semi-literate or had never been to school. The aarti thali, handmade jewellery boxes and wall hangings were the hotcake of the sale. Beautifully painted and artistically decorated diyas and incense sticks were sold. Homemade delectable appetizers were sold with proper packaging. The parents who came to attend the PTM of their wards purchased products from them and contributed in bringing a smile on their faces in grief.

Objective of the Event

  • To promote gender equality and empower women.
  • To provide a sense of fulfilment among those who are cut off from the mainstream of the society

DPSG pays gratitude to the parents who have always contributed for these kinds of events and made it successful.

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