“If the vision is a day, Cultivate flowers.
If the vision is a year, Grow trees.
But, if the vision is a life-time, Educate a human child.”

The D.P.S. fraternity, presently with as many as 14 teachers [Kindergarten], 42 teachers [Primary], 27 teachers [TGT], 4 [PGT] along with 18 Activity teachers, under this organizational umbrella of D.P.S. Gandhinagar signifies how the need to provide meaningful education to a large number of students desirous of growing into qualified individuals is fulfilled. The dedicated and qualified staff at D.P.S. Gandhinagar ensures that the students are guided to the right path of success.

D.P.S. Gandhinagar has to its credit a team of experienced, qualified, and diligent staff members and thus offers a wide range of subjects for selection of the higher level – Commerce, Science, Computer, Maths, and many more. The dedicated staff feels that, “each student is like a sea shell, waiting at the beach ready to be recognized, picked-up and polished and groomed into a much enriched individual

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