A Visit to an Old Age Home

Venue:   MAVTAR DHAM, Kalol, Gandhinagar
A visit to the old age was really a heart rending experience for the CSR Team as well as for the students. The inmates were very hospitable and friendly, and they welcomed us with a beautiful smile. To break their monotonous life our students presented a humorous skit on the principles of Gandhiji and a melodious group song. It was followed by the antakshari played between the inmates and the students, they sang evergreen hindi songs. It was a different kind of delightful moment for the children to hear their joyous laughs, their toothless smiles and hushed giggles.

To bring more merriness in their lives the CSR Team and students served them lunch, and distributed the Personal Hygiene Kits to all the inmates of the old age home. One of the members of the home became very emotional after interacting with the students and his feelings welled up in his eyes.

The visit was a soul stirring experience. The inmates of the old age home with their hankering hearts and unwavering hopes will always motivate us to keep doing such great work for social cause in future. The students and the CSR Team was appreciated by the Principal Mr. Atanu Rath. 

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